While the rest of my Facebook friends are posting adorable pictures of their kids in costume this morning, here’s my contribution so far:

My friends Allison (left) and Melissa (right) and I all went to the gym — at 5 am — dressed in variations of Jane Fonda, Judi Sheppard Missett (of Jazzercise fame) and Richard Simmons inspired workout gear.

Oh yes, we did.

We did our entire workout dressed in tights and leotards (and wigs!), and let me tell you….working out in full-length tights is not for the faint of heart. I had rivers of sweat pouring off me in the first five minutes.

What a classy look though, no? And the belt was a fabulous accessory for accommodating my iPod.

Here’s Melissa, bench pressing in style. (Note to Jane Fonda: this is called a bench press. Does a little more for you than arm circles. Heh.)

The ‘real’ Richard Simmons would be grapevining across the gym. This one, does tricep pushdowns.

Even in costume, we don’t skip our warm up! And why, yes, that IS Tina Turner in the background!

Hotttt……!Leotards are just ridiculous — unless you’re, like, a 10-year old gymnast or something — but one particularly annoying thing I didn’t think about until I actually donned all this gear: going to the bathroom with this get-up on is nearly impossible. So I passed on my morning coffee.

Gee, those leg warmers really helped me work up a sweat! But I’m so glad they kept my ankles warm….

What a crew! All of us train with Mike – the guy in the front – and I think we rendered him a bit speechless this morning when he saw us. But what a way to start your first training session of the day on Halloween.

I can’t believe we actually did it…..that I actually walked out in public in a leotard….but I’m so glad we did!

Like, totally!

If those pictures weren’t funny enough, enjoy this video clip from 1982: Exercise…the way it used to be. The commentary is pure awesomeness.