This was the scene on the floor at the house where we attended a post-Trick-or-Treat party:

And this was the scene on our own living room floor the morning after Halloween:

And that photo, would be what remains after an evening of nonstop candy consumption.

Carsten has been giving me all his Heath bars (which for some inexplicable reason he doesn’t like and which sometimes causes me to wonder how it is that we actually share DNA) AND, we had lots of Heath bars leftover from our own trick-or-treat candy stash, which means I’ve essentially had a steady drip of toffee going into my body since Wednesday.

It’s a good thing that putting on that leotard came before the onslaught of candy, because at this point, I might as well just slather all these Heath bars right across my abs, because that is where they’re going to end up anyway. Body by Heath!


I love Halloween, but I have to admit, I sighed a bit of relief yesterday morning that it was over. Not only did we have to procure costumes for both kids —but I actually had to dress up twice myself: once for the workout extravaganza, and another time, for a Witches Wine Dinner that I attended with some friends. Behold, my secret life of crime:

You’d be amazed at the ridiculous amount of time you can expend searching for just the right leotard, leg warmers, black and white striped shirt, and black mask – not to mention, the time spent returning one or more of said items when a “better” specimen was found a day or so later. My family has pretty much been living in squalor the entire month of October because I’ve been so preoccupied with costuming, etc. But it was all great fun, and really, a labor of love. I’m just still working up the motivation to tackle all the laundry, much less anything else. Drop by unannounced at your own risk; you may not get out.

In keeping with past years’ tradition, we also had a Halloween-themed dinner at home this week. This year’s menu: Bloody Stumps (chicken drumsticks with barbecue sauce); Roasted Brains (oven-roasted purple and green cauliflower); Garlic Toast “Stakes;” Vampire Blood (tomato soup); and Black Cat Grilled Cheese (shaped grilled cheese sandwiches on pumpernickel bread).


Way back in September, Carsten’s school had a fundraiser for the school orchestra. They were selling cookie dough, cheesecakes, chocolates, and cheese dips to raise money to buy new music for the orchestra. Of course, back in September, when Halloween seemed ages away still, and I was about 5 pounds lighter, we did what any supportive parents would and bought several packages of cookie dough, and a couple of boxes of chocolates.

In what would be considered classically bad timing, the goods from the fundraiser were delivered on November 1 – the day after Halloween. So in addition to the candy haul, we now have four pounds of cookie dough, two boxes of chocolates, a tub of cookie dough bites, AND, as an extra-special bonus, Carsten ‘won’ a 5-pound bag of gummy bears for selling over 15 items.

The candy situation is out of control around here, and I’m feeling already that Halloween is merely the gateway event to the non-stop eating extravaganza otherwise known as “the holidays.” Someone, please…help save me from myself.