Living 3703

Living 3703 is the collaborative project of me and my friend Ivy. We’re two bloggers who ‘met’ through, well, blogging. Ivy lives in Dublin, while I reside in the far south suburbs of Chicago. The number 3703 refers to the miles between us. Specifically, it’s the distance between a McDonald’s near my home, and a McDonald’s in Dublin. (Why, thank you, corporate America, for giving us those useful landmarks!)

The notion of doing a collaborative project was just to embark on a fun blogging adventure, with two women, who both love writing, sharing bits of their lives from two different continents.

Click here to visit Living 3703 and see what Ivy & I have been up to.


Ivy also writes a personal blog, Ivy Blaise’s Blog, which you can check out here.

1 thought on “Living 3703”

  1. Hello Christy! 🙂 I hope we will find time to chat sometime soon! I had started stress eating today because of the busy week ahead and decided to catch up on all your blogs. I must say, once again, that it brings a smile to my face and is very relaxing. The pictures are great! And I always enjoy seeing Carsten and Anna. Have a happy Monday! 🙂


    PS LOVED the shoes and thanks for the heads up on the site you got your scarf on – really neat stuff!

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